Viruses vs. Superbugs

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I published this book about bacteriophage therapy – or phage therapy – in 2006. It is about a long forgotten therapy against bacterial infections that is being investigated anew due to the widespread problems with antibiotic resistant infections. Each year thousands of people die from resistant bacteria.

Viruses vs. Superbugs is the story  of a surprising way out of this crisis: Phages – viruses that attack infectious bacteria but not humans.

The content of the phage therapy section has not been updated since 2008. I am still very much interested in phage therapy, and I am following the developments in the field. However, due to my main professional engagement as a science reporter with Swiss Public Radio SRF I lack the time needed to stay abreast with all the latest developments and to up-date this section of the website regularly. I do think that it still contains valuable information about the topic as does the book. This is why I keep it on the web.

«An exceptionally thorough book, extraordinarily well written and scientifically authoritative» – Spektrum der Wissenschaften

«extremely compelling» – Laborjournal

«scientific journalism at its best» – Prof emer. E. Kutter, Evergreen College, and phage expert

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The book is still available.